Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering

A username and password are required to access our online catalog.  If you are an existing user, please log in.  New customers should fill out an application by clicking on the green register button in the upper right corner of our website.

Applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received.  Approval may take up to two business days.  (The wholesale warehouse is not open on weekends.)

Additional information about setting up a wholesale account is available on our FAQ.

Our wholesale website is a catalog with stock photos rather than an online store with a shopping cart.  Some materials, shapes, and sizes may be unavailable at this time, especially in our agate, décor, and miscellaneous categories.

Once you have made your selection, please contact Stephanie Henry the wholesale warehouse manager to check for availability.  Her email is

Orders placed by email should include your full contact info: business name, contact person, address, and phone number.  Be sure to include the following:

Additional special requests

For example:

10 kilos of 1st grade carnelian free forms in the 1-3 kilo range.  Agate patterning if available.
5 bags of 1st grade labradorite pebbles 3-5cm.
100 1st grade ammonite pairs 3-4cm

If you are new to ordering with us, you may find this Excel order form useful.  Just attach it to your email to Stephanie Henry at   Orders are typically processed within two business days of receiving them.

For additional information about availability, please check out our product availability and shape availability guides.

While buying wholesale can be intimidating, it is no different than shopping at the grocery store. Some products are priced per piece and others are sold by their weight. The price decreases on most things when you buy in bulk.

About half of our materials are sold by the kilo. For those more familiar with pound prices, a kilo is 2.204 pounds. Slightly more than double. So, buying something at $50.00/kg is roughly the same as $25.00/lb. (Technically $22.69/lb.)

“Keystone” is a term specific to the mineral, rock, and fossil trade, derived from the 19th century jewelry industry.  It typically means 50% off the stickered price for wholesale customers.

Our prices are net instead.  They are marked with the actual wholesale price.

Many items have a built-in discount with the price per kilo going down at certain weight breaks.  Most products also have a quantity discount when purchased by the full 20 kg or 25 kg box, with no selection.

Unfortunately, we are unable to offer virtual appointments through video chat.  Our staff chooses the best of what is currently available after customers email or call in with their requests.

They may be able to send photographs of their selection, depending on your deadline and our appointment schedule.

We have a $100.00 minimum.

While we can pull single items for mail orders at our warehouse, preorders at gem shows can only be bagged materials, things sold by the flat, and full boxes. 

The cut off for preorders is typically three to six weeks before the opening day of a gem show, depending on its duration.

Depending on the size of the order, we may use USPS, UPS, or LTL freight.  We also ship internationally.

All orders are examined and packed carefully.  Claims for damage during shipping should be made against the carrier by the customer.

Typically there is a 15-25% price difference between grades.  Our seconds and thirds will have more muted colors, fractures, or other natural imperfections.

We use colored dots on our products to represent different grades and sizes.  For example, a yellow dot typically means 2nd quality, green means 3rd quality, red means small, and blue means large.  The same colors are used to visually organize our price list and price signs.

For additional information about dot classification system check out the dot guide.

Ammonites and Hearts:  We use both metric and imperial measurements.  While the smallest sizes are sold by the bag (-3cm, 3-5cm, 5-7cm), larger pieces are sold to pick in inch based categories (3-4”, 4-5”, 5-6”, etc.).

Flames, Free Forms, One Side Polished, and Points: All these shapes are organized by weight based categories: small (-250gr, 250-500gr, 500gr-1kg) and large (1-3kg, 3-5kg, 5-8kg, etc.).

Pebbles:  While the smaller sizes are sold by the 1kg bag (-3cm, 3-5cm, 5-7cm), larger pebbles are sold to pick:

Extra Small Bagged (~2-3cm) (30-65 pieces in 1kg)
Small Bagged (~3-5cm) (12-30 pieces in 1kg)
Medium Bagged (~5-7cm) (6-12 pieces in 1kg)
Large to Pick (~3″+) (3-6 pieces in 1kg)

Spheres: We use both metric and imperial measurements.  While the smallest sizes are sold by the 1kg bag (-50mm), larger pieces are sold to pick in inch based categories (2-3”, 3-4”, 4-5”, etc.).

For additional information about our polished material sizing check out the polished material sizing guide.

Small rough is sized by gram (10-30gr, 30-50gr, 50-100gr, 100-250gr, 250-500gr, 500gr-1kg) and larger block is sized by kilogram (1-3kg, 3-5kg, 5-8kg, etc.).

For additional information about our rough material sizing, check out the rough material sizing guide.

Contact Information

Having difficulty accessing your wholesale account?  Need help changing your password?  Please contact Stephanie Henry the warehouse manager at

Wholesale Warehouse
Phone: (828) 318-8607
Fax: (828) 348-4335
Hours: Monday to Friday
9:00am to 5:00pm EST

Our wholesale warehouse is only open by appointment.  Please call or email for availability and directions.

Stephanie Henry
Wholesale Warehouse Manager

Christopher Matthews
Wholesale Website and Social Media Manager
Office for Geological Research